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Ready The TShirts!

                                      Jon Snow Faces The Future!

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Coffee Table Communism: The Fantastic Last Gasps Of Soviet Architecture

Building Socialism If you read only one decline and fall of the Soviet world book this year, make it this! Having failed, despite Sarah Palin,  in the space race, the USSR seems to have found comfort during its declining years by throwing up some of the weirdest spacecraft looking oddities known to man. Saucy Frenchman Frédéric Chaubin […]


Selling Socialism, The American Way!

Marketing?   Generations of socialists have pondered the Left’s historic failure to get much of a toehold in the United States.  Now a band of plucky Hoosiers have offered a suggestion: direct sales! The American Socialist Party wants to get word to the masses ASAP, so they’re offering commissions to those bold enough to rope […]

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False Labor

    Classy!   Appropriation, re-purposing, transformation are all well and good, but The Gibson‘s invitation to hoist one for the working class is just a mess. The promotion appears to be an effort at self-mockery, about entitled young cocktail sniffers having a day off in honor of the workin man, and some people are […]

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Forever Trotsky: The Icon’s Aftermarket

Illegal Immigrant Strikes! Leon Trotsky died in Mexico seventy years ago this week. In this delicate time, where may the Trot-curious turn for information and solace? Burly Christopher Hitchens, America’s pet former Trotskyist, has long waxed nostalgic for his time in the struggle, although technically the grouplet to which he once adhered, Britain’s International Socialists […]

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